Terms and Conditions

jaipurcitycab.in is a technology company that makes available a platform for matchmaking “consumers” seeking travel services from and to various destinations across India with “providers” who can provide such travel services. .

Services – jaipurcitycab.in provides technology oriented matchmaking services through its platform. Consumers and Providers can interact with jaipurcitycab.in platform through the use of applications, websites, content, products like SMS or phones. Collectively these are referred to as Services.

Consumer –An individual or organization that interacts with services in the possession of and made available by jaipurcitycab.in including applications, websites, content, products, call centers, SMS or phone.

Provider, Provider Partner or Third Party Provider – An individual or organization that operates as an independent third-party and uses or interacts with the jaipurcitycab.in technology platform to receive marketing leads for consumers that can avail of the provider’s service or product. A provider or Provider Partner is an independent third-party who has a contractual relationship with jaipurcitycab.in.

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